Monty Atchley


Monty Atchley began his martial arts career in Oklahoma City at the age of seven in 1959, at Sensei Bob Willingham's Judo/Karate School. In 1964, he moved to study with Sensei Lou Angel in the Goju Ryu system in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Monty studied until graduation from high school attending the schools in Tulsa and Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Upon graduation from high school, Monty moved to Ada, Oklahoma to attend college. It was here that Monty opened his own karate school at the university in 1969.

Monty then studied Hung-Gar Kung-fu under the SiJo to the NG style, Master George Ng. He became an instructor in Hung-Gar under Master NG. During this time, Sensei/Sifu Atchley taught Karate and Kung-fu at Barney Jordan's Judo school. Sensei Atchley then trained in International Tae Kwon Do under Steve Bowling and World Tae Kwon Do under Master Phil Perkins.

Sensei Atchley then had the opportunity to study with Dr. Rodney Sacarnoski in the Oikiru-ryu Goju Kempo style. Sensei received his Shihan appointment (master teacher) from Dr. Sacarnoski. Master Atchley also studied Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu under Master Bob Little. Master Atchley received his black belt in the sword arts under Master Little.

At this time, Master Atchley also studied with Grandmaster G.W. Dill in Bushido Kempo, Kobujitsu, and Jeet Kune Do. Master Atchley received his 6th Dan under Grandmaster Dill, and his Soke-Dai appointment (successor of the Ryu). While studying under Grandmaster Dill, Master Atchley also received master level in Gung-fu, and graduate level instructor in Jeet Kune Do.

After more than twenty five years of study, Master Atchley amassed the knowledge he had and combined the two styles of Kempo to create Shinjutsu Kempo Karate and the Gung-fu/Kung-fu/Jeet Kune Do styles to create Kuai Shou Pai Gung-fu.

Shodai Monty Atchley now holds a 9th degree black belt in Shinjutsu Kempo Karate and a 9th degree black sash in Kuai Shou Pai Gung-fu. Shodai earned a Ph.D. in martial arts in 1995 from The National College of Martial Arts, and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Argosy University, School of Professional Psychology, in 2001.

Following his school in Ada, Oklahoma, Dr. Atchley has owned schools in Clinton, Oklahoma; Sand Springs, Oklahoma; Henryetta, Oklahoma; Brownsville, Arkansas; Paris, Arkansas and Booneville, Arkansas. He is currently teaching in Greenwood, Arkansas. Shodai Atchley continues to train. He will always consider himself a student of the martial arts.